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Travel Thursday: Double Fun and Adventure with Friends


You can very well imagine how antsy I am after months of not being able to get out, roam or explore – and I mean really get out. After our wedding last October, Kamahalan and I were not able to follow through some travel plans. And then the breakdown on my kidneys came and my world became smaller and the routine became very familiar – house to hospital, hospital to house.

By the end of February I was about fed up, so during that final week of the month, I hatched up a plan with my Bes GDL to push through with our always postponed plans of going up to Lignon Hill Nature Park and do the zipline and hanging bridge adventure there. We planned it for a Saturday since my dialysis schedule was on the afternoon – 3rd shift. I can always proceed to the hospital after our jaunt. Once we have set our minds on it, we invited – more or less persuaded – RBB and MMB to come with us too – of course!

By Friday, March 2 we have already agreed with the plan to come together the day after – Saturday, March 3. The plan was to proceed to Lignon Hill at noon and by 3pm, I would go for my dialysis session at Estevez. The plan was perfect.

But somehow, the Gods of Jaunts and Outings must have had a conference and they decided, why dear little Lala must be rewarded for her patience during the trying months of illness. We should not just give her a half day of fun and adventure with friends, let’s give her the whole day…zap!zap!zap!

And so, I found out that the LGU will be coming to the Cagraray Eco Energy Park and Misibis Resort also on Saturday to welcome and hold a program for the Pacific Angel Eco Tour. Papa will be there and so I can have the chance to come too. I did not hesitate for one second longer – I am COMING! Of course, so did my bessy. GDL and I wouldn’t miss the chance of going for our first time to this newly famous tourist destination in our hometown. An experience we’ve already put off several times aleady.

Our Saturday started early morning with crossing the Sula Channel – by barge – from Mainland Bacacay going to Cagraray Island. See us grinning like idiots? That’s what being out there under the sun and a promise of a whole day of jaunt do to us – we can’t wipe it off of our faces!

Destination reached – the Cagraray Eco Energy Park in Brgy. Misibis, Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay

We wasted no time and enjoyed the view as much as we can.

The Eco-Park also boasts of a zipline and fitness facility with a spectacular view of the turquoise sea and green mountains. We would have wanted to try it out but on that day, all the crew were focused on entertaining the visitors. Sabit na nga lang kami sa trip na yun, so we just contented ourselves with taking pictures.

Man-made hanging bridge going to the pool area. Oh yeah, we’re liking the atmosphere – a preparation for our real hanging bridge adventure that afternoon.

Since we were feeling the heat, we went a little crazy upon seeing the pool! Pity we did not bring swim suits! Pity we were only supposed to be there for a few hours!!!

Unfortunately, our time was limited  – we had to take advantage of riding the LGU truck going back to the mainland, we were not able to take photos of the lovely Chapel and also go inside the Misibis Raintree Resort. But that’s okay, it means, there’s more to see when we come back!

When we got back to the mainland – it was rush, rush, rush! Gobbled our lunch met up with MMB at the Filcab terminal and commuted to Legazpi to meet RBB. By the time we reached Legazpi it was a little past 2 – double time!!! But when we reached Lignon Hill, the rest of the adrenaline-charged afternoon flew by slowly!

It seems anti-climactic to have to go down to the hospital after that perfect day! But there, couldn’t do anything about it so at 4pm, we broke up the party and went on our separate errands. I went directly to the hospital and my happiness at how the afternoon went by was quite apparent, my aura was shining all around. Even the gloomy ones at the hospital have to smile back at me.

And to end the perfectly great day, my Kamahalan came by to accompany me on the late night ambulance ride home. He spend Sundays with me after a long week of work.